Hertz Healthcare

Given the widespread changes in healthcare construction and operting, the approach to planning a successful project has changed, whether a new hospital, facility renovation or clinic construction. A strong, modern approach to healthcare construction includes several key elements, among others. Hertz gives service for turn-key healthcare projects in every stage such design, construction, procurement, consulting, mangement.
Hertz provides professional services for the followings ;

• Hospitals, Private and State

• Private clinics

• Patient hotels

– Outpatient facilities

– Nursing homes

– Hospices

• Ambulance Supply and Custom Design

• Tactical Medical First Aid Kits and Bags for Military, Police and Special Forces

• Production Facility, Serum Plant and Disposable Syringe Plant

Our Capabilities

Healthcare buildings

Healthcare buildings are a matter of importance as well as style. Patients, medical staff, relatives, students and visitors must feel comfortable in the buildings that Hertz attend in creating, just as the buildings should contribute to improving the overall standard of health.

Core expertise

• Facilities analysis

• Turn-key Hospital Projects

• Capacity forecasts and calculation of spatial requirements

• Healthcare planning

• Hospital logistics

• Electro medical equipment

• Procurement

• Clean room technology and technical hygiene

• Risk management

• Quality assurance

– Organizational development in the healthcare system

– User involvement.

Consultancy services and strategic healthcare planning

• Regional planning

• Feasibility studies

• Project and contract management

• Healthcare and process consultancy

• Physical planning of healthcare facilities

• Design and construction management

• Operation and maintenance.

We are familiar with working in multi-disciplinary environments and always assemble
a project team specifically selected for the individual task placement. Thus, we focus on providing professional consultancy services customized to the needs of the client.


A hospital must provide healthcare services that are characterized by high standards of quality and efficiency for the patients. At the same time, the patients and their families and also medical staff should feel that they are in an environment which supports the individual patient’s need for comfort and safety.

This is a delicate balance which requires that the consultant has in-depth knowledge of both technological possibilities and human needs. This comprehensive knowledge is the centre of Hertz’s consultancy and is continuously updated based on the most recent research and development within the technical and humanistic areas.

We think about totality

The planning and implementation in connection with building a new hospital involve more than time schedules, finances and building processes. Equally important is the ability to understand the needs of the patients, their families and the staff as well as the knowledge about which technical and practical solutions are available to the specific challenges. Hertz combines this approach with extensive expertise within medical engineering, technical installations, IT and flexible building solutions for hospitals. We can provide operational consultancy to hospitals, including new public and private forms of financing and collaboration.

Hospital logistics

The logistics in the building are essential to a hospital’s unconfined functionality. Hertz’s consultancy on hospital logistics ensures efficient operation and optimal supplies at all times.
• Patient focus

• Supply reliability

• Smooth flow of goods

The planning of hospital logistics includes determination of the overall supply chain strategy, the most suitable transportation methods and available technical solutions.

Excellent patient safety

It is vital for Hertz’s consultancy that our services support and improve patient safety. We have broad experience within technical hygiene and the area of preventing, minimizing and handling adverse events and near miss medical errors. Ways to improve patient safety include appropriate documentation and standard procedures as well as adapted technical installations.

It is because of this accumulated knowledge that Hertz is capable of contributing with flexible and state-of-the-art building solutions for hospitals which ensure the best facilities for all users.

Facilities analysis

Facilities analysis provides the basis for ensuring that buildings and organizational structures are designed in accordance with their future use and function.

Facilities analysis is used for improving patient and staff facili-ties as well as for eliminating inefficient hospital operation. By analyzing the hospital facilities, their interrelationship, the parties involved and the support systems used, the optimal flow of patients, staff and goods throughout the hospital can be established.

The physical structure of the building

The design of the physical structure of the building must take place with focus on the best possible functionality as well as smooth and efficient operation.

Medical Engineering

We closely monitor the rapid development within IT, diagnostic and medical treatment equipment to continuously identify the most important trends, which we combine with our expertise within the field of building installa-tions and construction technology.

A technical challenge

The requirements for medical facilities in modern hospitals change all the time, thus it is necessary to keep the equipment and technical installations up-to-date to ensure the largest possible benefit to the hospitals from their investments. Hence Hertz’s close co-operation with the manufacturing industry and constant dialogue with strategic specialists, our consultancy is based on the most recent knowledge in the field.

Point of care

Hertz handles medical engineering solutions both on a large scale in centralized treatment units, and on a minor scale in the environment close to the patient (point of care modules).

Flexible solutions

Flexibility in buildings and installations is the main key. It is vital that replacements and upgrades can be done easily and without interrupting the operation. Flexible building solutions often reduce and eliminate the need for large, cost intensive renovations at a later stage.

Quality assurance in the healthcare system

An accredited quality model can raise and ensure the quality in the healthcare system. The objective is to ensure that the patients receive the same quality in relation to healthcare services irrespective of the supplier of the services.

Feasibility studies

Behind every successful decision is a strong analysis based on knowledge and professional experience.

Hertz can perform analyses and assessments within all our areas of expertise, including:

• Analyses of traffic routes and population density to determine the logistically optimal location for a healthcare facility

• Development and assessment of building scenarios

• Estimation of building costs and future operational costs

• Development of funding schemes

• Cost-benefit analyses.

Our consulting services, analyses and assessments build on our wide range of in-depth professional competencies. Under Hertz’s multi-disciplinary umbrella, the appropriate know-how is generally within immediate reach and able to be deployed quickly and effectively.

Project and contract management

Project management and a close dialogue with the client are naturally given high priority. This ensures that dead-lines are met and projects are completed in line with the budget. It is also the way to ensure the agreed standards of quality in the completed building.

Throughout the project, we follow up at every stage and track outstanding work, so that we can recalibrate progress accordingly, if necessary

Operation and maintenance

Hertz provides consultancy services on operation and maintenance to both public and private owners of hospitals and health-care buildings.

The consultancy service we provide can also extend to supervising and running
the client’s system on a day-to-day basis.

Design and construction management

When working on the basis of the design, we deal with the process from invitation to tender, contracting and management of contracts to supervision of the construction works, including management of the construction process.

Experience in the design process is invaluable in terms of reviewing projects, checking designs, auditing other designers’ work or such tasks as professional checks of tender documents.

Our services comprise all engineering disciplines.